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Forex For The Week Of October 21 2013

The past week in the Forex markets saw a significant break in the value of the US Dollar.  FMOC member Mr. Evans stated that he believes the Federal Reserve needs to see several months’ worth of data before deciding on whether or not to taper off of quantitative easing, most specifically the bond buyback program […]

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Forex For The Week Of October 14 2013

The last week in the Forex markets was a relatively quiet affair in most pairs, but as usual there were a few bumps here and there.  This is almost always the case, as the markets will go back and forth in it’s interests. Lately, we have been focusing on the Federal Reserve, and whether or […]

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The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Currencies

Mergers And Acquisitions Can Affect the FX Markets

Mergers and acquisitions constitute another set of tools that can be employed by the forex trader to generate medium term profits. The big question is: how are mergers and acquisitions related to the stock market? What is the correlation between the two? The Correlation A strong equity market will see a significant amount of cash […]

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FX Contests to Make You Some Money in 2013

Welcome to 2013! What better way can we start the year than to give you a heads-up on some of the forex trading contests that you can participate in and get some money to get your forex trading campaign going. Many brokers throw up forex trading contests from time to time in order to increase […]

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