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Transaction Methods in Forex

Funding Your Forex Account

This article will explain a few of the transaction methods that are available to traders to enable them fund their Forex accounts and withdraw any profits that they may have made from their trading activity. The commonest methods for depositing to Forex accounts and withdrawing from them are as follows: a) Credit/debit cards b) Wire transfers c) E-wallets e.g. […]

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Where to Open an ECN Account

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, and is a system of dealing in the forex market where brokers obtain prices from several liquidity providers.  This price data (market data) is provided to traders without any interference, while forwarding all orders placed by buyers and sellers to the liquidity providers  for execution.  Under the ECN arrangement, […]

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The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Currencies

Mergers And Acquisitions Can Affect the FX Markets

Mergers and acquisitions constitute another set of tools that can be employed by the forex trader to generate medium term profits. The big question is: how are mergers and acquisitions related to the stock market? What is the correlation between the two? The Correlation A strong equity market will see a significant amount of cash […]

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