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Transaction Methods in Forex

Funding Your Forex Account

This article will explain a few of the transaction methods that are available to traders to enable them fund their Forex accounts and withdraw any profits that they may have made from their trading activity. The commonest methods for depositing to Forex accounts and withdrawing from them are as follows: a) Credit/debit cards b) Wire transfers c) E-wallets e.g. […]

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Pinbar Trading Strategy for Bigger Profits

Pinbars are very important candlesticks in forex because they signal market reversals.  The pinbars themselves are individual candlesticks, although some authorities describe pinbars as the “nose in between the right and left eye”. This signifies that at the bottom of a downtrend, the pinbar is found between a bearish candlestick and a bullish candlestick, and […]

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Introduction to Forex Options

Forex options represent another way to trade the forex market. What are forex options? Forex options are securities that allow forex traders to purchase or sell contracts based on the movement of the underlying currencies without actually holding the currencies in question. Forex options give the trader the right to purchase or sell a currency […]

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