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Pinbar Trading Strategy for Bigger Profits

Pinbars are very important candlesticks in forex because they signal market reversals.  The pinbars themselves are individual candlesticks, although some authorities describe pinbars as the “nose in between the right and left eye”. This signifies that at the bottom of a downtrend, the pinbar is found between a bearish candlestick and a bullish candlestick, and […]

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Retracement Trading Strategy

This strategy was devised by [highlighter color=”yellow-mute” ]Trader Jay[/highlighter]  as a way of helping traders overcome a major obstacle encountered when trying to catch the right moment to enter a trade on an asset that is undergoing a pullback or retracement. Retracements are an integral part of trading the Forex markets.  Prices do not move in a straight line, […]

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